5G matchmaking event: 5G in industry

Our third 5G matchmaking event will take place on the 16th of June, from 14-15.30 CET. The spotlight will be on 5G in industry!

The Nordic-Baltic 5G Monitoring tool project aims to contribute to the development of a more integrated, connected, and inclusive Nordic Region by developing and maintaining an evidence-based analytical tool to monitor the rollout of 5G in the countries and independent territories of the Nordic-Baltic Region.  

During this workshop, we will together:
• frame the issue. Sharing inspirational stories and learnings from the Nordic and Baltic Countries, as well as other European countries on the role of 5G in smart societies, especially focusing on industry examples,

• provide a platform for discussion and foster networking. Promoting the debate on 5G research and innovation in industry; multi-actor collaborations and overcoming the gap research-to-practice/industry; pathways to build partnerships and access to funding. 

Topics that will be debated in the workshop
As different sectors and industries are deeply impacted by digital transformation, 5G represents a significant opportunity for the development of smart societies, and it is important to discuss its potential to drive innovation in industry in the Nordic and Baltic countries.  

By enabling faster and more reliable connectivity, increased data transmission speeds, and reduced latency, 5G can be used to connect machines and enable real-time monitoring of production processes, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. Devices in factories can be even more connected and collect large amounts of data from sensors and machines, enabling predictive maintenance. Artificial intelligence will direct robots in real-time, in theory improving workers’ jobs, safety, productivity and well-being.  

Join us on the 16th of June! 

In 2023, Nordregio will host five matchmaking events that will offer possibilities for actors to share experiences and build new partnerships focusing on different topics. The aim is to inform key stakeholders about what is going on in the 5G/6G landscape and to facilitate connections between Nordic-Baltic actors to initiate or enhance regional cooperation.

What do the events offer?
• Showcasing what’s happening in the Nordic-Baltic mobile technology landscape, presenting 5G potential and promise in different topics.
• Enabling a platform for discussion: A community for sharing experiences.
• Fostering network creation: Promoting or enhancing cross-national cooperation.