Nordregio Research Fellow speaks at Arctic Science Summit Week

Nordregio Research Fellow Leneisja Jungsberg takes part in the Arctic Science Summit Week 2021.

Leneisja Jungsberg, Research Fellow a Nordregio, will participate on 25 March at Arctic Science Summit Week 2021. The event takes place online between 19 and 26 March, focusing on the dramatic physical, biogeochemical and socio-economical changes that the Arctic coast is going through.

The aim of the session Nordregio’s Leneisja Jungsberg participates in is to bring together researchers, indigenous partners and community members who are studying, predicting, modelling and living with these dramatic coastal and nearshore changes across the Arctic. The causes for this decline are numerous and count environmental factors such as warming air temperatures, declining sea ice, permafrost thaw and more. Increasing erosion rates lead to the release of large amounts of organic matter and contaminants to the nearshore zone and the upper shelf, transforming the ecosystem and altering trophic systems. It is also putting new pressures on Arctic coastal dynamics with the loss of landscapes and cultural heritage sites as well as damages on infrastructure creating stress and uncertainty in local communities.

The scope of the event is to ultimately provide critical information to support future planning, mitigation and adaptation measures of these changing permafrost coastal landscapes.

Arctic Science Summit Week 2021 is co-organized by the EU H2020 Nunataryuk and the NSF PerCS-Net project and is a contribution to the coastal processes action group of T-MOSAiC.

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