Demographic challenges in the Nordic region from a gender perspective (DEMOS)

The Nordic countries face many demographic challenges affecting both the welfare system and people´s labour market opportunities. Salaries and conditions on the labour market varies and maintain an unequal and gender-segregated labour market – in addition to often gendered welfare solutions.

Therefore it is essential to understand the most urgent demographic challenges from a gender perspective. How should the need for skills and competencies be met? Who or whom will get employment in the future and in what kind of a job? How will the employment opportunities look like in the local and regional context? We intend to highlight these issues to prepare for demographic challenges with particular focus on gender equality in the labour market. Nordregio works on two knowledge reviews with a Nordic gender perspective — one on skills supply and competence matching on the labour market and another on Care responsibility.

The project outputs will be two knowledge reviews (30 pages per overview). We also participated in an expert interview on February 26 about urbanisation/regionality, and 28 August on gender and care and gender and future of work, at the Gender Secretariat in Gothenburg.

Furthermore, we participated and co-organized expert interviews in the spring of 2019, and participated in the international conference on Future of Work (with NMR and ILO) in Iceland in April 2019.