Kicking off Bioeconomy in the North

This project is a continuation of the NCM-funded project ‘Nordic-Russian bioeconomy pre-study’ that focused on bioeconomy in Arkhangelsk oblast in Russia. In the second phase of the project, the geographic focus will be expanded by including the Murmansk oblast and the Republic of Karelia in the bioeconomy network analysis.

The overall aim of the project is to form a network and assure long-term cooperation between the Nordic countries and Northwestern Russia that will allow companies, authorities and researchers to work on strengthening the local economy due to a bioeconomic transition. The further purpose of the project is to increase understanding of the institutional framework for bioeconomy in Northwestern Russia through conducting a study on the current status of bioeconomy in the Murmansk region and the Republic of Karelia.

In spring, 2019, Nordregio is planning to publish a report on the current status and support framework for bioeconomy in the Murmansk region and the Republic of Karelia and a policy brief.

Nordregio will also take an active part in the networking meeting in Rovaniemi in autumn 2018 and a final roundtable meeting in Murmansk in winter 2019, where joint project ideas and next steps for cooperation will be discussed.