Nordic-Russian bioeconomy pre-study

The project aims at strengthening and specializing networks in bioeconomy; enhancing understanding of institutional framework with regard to utilization of forest and waste resources in Northwest Russia, as well as contributing with concrete ideas and topics for Nordic-Russian cooperation in forest- and waste management.

This will be achieved through an in-depth study on the forest- and waste-based bioeconomy in the Arkhangelsk region. A particular focus will be on the key institutions and stakeholders, and an analysis of their role and importance in the region, including an overview of the existing challenges and opportunities for bioeconomy. The study will be conducted jointly by Nordregio and the Russian partners, and will be based on the interviews with relevant actors in the field of forestry and waste management in the Arkhangelsk region.

The University of Eastern Finland will host a mid-term meeting in Joensuu, Finland, bringing together Russian and Nordic bioeconomy experts and best practice cases to discuss the results of the study and to share knowledge and expertise. The final meeting of the project will take place in Arkhangelsk in autumn 2017, where issues of mutual interest, concrete collaboration opportunities and learning and research in the field of forest and waste-based bioeconomy will be identified.

The project is carried out in the framework of the new co-operation programme between the Nordic Region and Northwest Russia funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.