Upholding of the Baltic Sea Region – Territorial Monitoring System

The purpose of the project “Upholding of the Baltic Sea Region – Territorial Monitoring System” is to further develop the monitoring tool of the BSR-TeMo project and to extend the monitoring of territorial cohesion towards (some) urban indicators.

The ambition is also to update some fundamental elements of the existing database of indicators to monitor territorial cohesion within the BSR and against Europe. Additionally, the project will take further steps in ensuring the usefulness of the monitoring through a consultation process targeted to issues of both content and presentation of the monitoring system.

We have developed a monitoring tool where one can find data, maps and even some analytical reports. The tool has already been used by VASAB i.e. co-operation of Ministers responsible for spatial planning in the Baltic Sea Region for preparation of the implementation report i.e. documents and discussion points for the Ministerial Conference that took place in September 2014.

The official information about the project can be accessed via the ESPON website.

We are now working on updating of the tool (Upholding TeMo) with new data and with adding an urban dimension. This material will eventually appear on the monitoring tool.