Waste Management in High North – new cross-border business opportunities (WANO)

This project has been halted based on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ decision to discontinue collaboration with Russia and Belarus, announced on the 4th of May.

The WANO project studies cross-border business and innovation opportunities in High North, applied to the field of waste management.

The study analyses cross-border business opportunities in the Barents Region and High North but also highlights specific geopolitical characteristics, as well as social aspects of cross-border waste management cooperation in High North. It develops an analytical framework to study cross-border business and innovation cooperation  and applies it to the field of waste management (municipal and industrial waste) the neighbouring cross-border regions of Troms and Finnmark in Norway and Murmansk Oblast in Russia.

Lead partner of the study is NORCE. Other research partners include Kola Science Center in Apatity, Russia and the Nordic research institute Nordregio. The non-research organisations,  Remiks and RaskRetur, waste management practitioners in Troms and Finnmark, provide their expertise and contacts to WANO project and actively participate in project implementation.