Western Balkan representatives will join Nordregio Forum in Iceland

As part the European Union’s support to the Western Balkans in their accession process, they have funded a Horizon Europe project titled GreenFORCE, which aims to foster excellence in scientific research. Nordregio is a proud partner of the project and looks forward to welcoming representatives from Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia to our annual forum in October where they can learn from the regional Nordic collaboration model.

“The Nordic co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning is unique as it is set up to strengthen institutional capacities”, said Rolf Elmér, Director of Nordregio. The co-operation programme does this by enabling evidence-based learning and information sharing among researchers and civil servants from across the Nordic countries at national, regional, and local levels, as well as representatives from border committees.

“Nordregio Forum is an opportunity for Western Balkan participants to learn about the benefits of informal arenas for knowledge exchange on policy-relevant topics around regional development and spatial planning,” explained Alberto Giacommeti, Nordregio Senior Research Advisor and project manager for GreenForce. “This is particularly relevant in a region were the formal channels are insufficient to address unsolved disputes.”

Nordregio Forum is the annual meeting place for professionals and policymakers working with regional, rural and urban development in the Nordic countries. This year it will take place on 17 October in Reykjavik, Iceland.