What is the Nordic perspective on rural areas?

Nordregio Senior Research Fellow Anna Karlsdóttir will attend the “Nordic perspective on rural areas of the future – what can we learn from one another?” webinar presenting some of the latest news within rural research in the Nordics.

The Nordic countries are investing in the future of rural areas and the provision of prerequisites for a good life, thus laying a rich and solid foundation for cooperation. The webinar will serve as a forum for Nordic institutions to learn from each other and discuss current research and themes within rural development in the Nordics.

“There are a lot of programmes and pressing issues for rural areas to thrive now and in the future. But the real benefit for the Nordic Cooperation in this field is that we can learn from each other’s good and bad experiences”, says Dr Anna Karlsdóttir.

The “Smarta landsbygder i Svenskfinland och Norden”, a working group within the Finnish Rural Network, is organising the event in cooperation with the National Support Unit. The languages of the webinar will be Swedish and English. 

Find the recording of the webinar here.