Working with geospatial analysis and visualisation in the Nordics

Large amounts of geo-data, easy access to geo-data via websites and applications, as well as the availability of online visualisation tools, all contribute to a larger production of maps in less time than before.

However, it remains a delicate exercise to design suitable geo-data visualisation products, since several choices have to be done between the collection of the geo-data and the finalisation of a map.

Furthermore, it is not only important to present the right facts on a map. It is also important to tell a story – a fact-based story using a suitable geo-data visualisation.

On 16-18 October, the 11th European Forum for Geography and Statistics (EFGS) conference invites stakeholders, scientists, statisticians and others to discuss the integration of statistics and geospatial information in Helsinki.

More insights on the joys and the challenges of producing maps of socio-economic indicators in the Nordic Region will be shared by Julien Grunfelder, Head of the GIS department at Nordregio. His key-note speech “The delicate exercise of geo-data visualisation” will be given on the second day of the conference.

Together with Cartographer/GIS Analyst Shinan Wang, he will also present the web-mapping tool Nordmap, which allows you to create maps and time-lapses in the Nordic region.

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