ARENA: Who drives the ‘Green innovation’?

A systems approach to green innovation: the case of wood construction

Green innovations contribute to implementing the so-called ‘green agenda’ or ‘green transition’. On a broader scale, they are meant to address issues emerging from environmental crisis. But who is driving green innovation processes, and what enables or hinders the green transition?

Welcome to the digital seminar and discussion on the 20th of March, 10:00-11:30 CET.

This event launches a publication ‘Innovation Dynamics in Wood Construction in Sweden and Finland’ and uses it as a springboard to discuss the complexity around innovation in (green) industry transitions.

The discussion will feature different perspectives on green innovations in the wood sector.  


Presentation of the historical evolution of innovation policy and its academic debate: Mari Wøien Meijer, Research Fellow, Nordregio. The presentation is available here.

Presentation of the case study report: Alberto Giacometti & Hilma Salonen, researchers, Nordregio. The presentation is available here.


  • Therese Kreisel, Head of Urban Planning, Skellefteå Municipality
  • Ida Andersson, Senior Lecturer at Örebro University

Moderator: Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

Discussion: We welcome the audience to participate with their questions to the panel!

About the project

The research project ‘Systems perspectives on Regional Green Innovation’, investigates the link between agency and innovation and particularly the role of different actors in driving transition processes. During the first stage, we explored key concepts, their application, and theoretical foundations within innovation and policy traditions.

The next steps in this project will consist of identifying key learnings to inform policy makers on how to support innovation in green industrial transitions. The project is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers Regional Cooperation programme.