Arena for Green, Innovative and Resilient Regions

The Arena is a space of dialogue and co-creation within the Nordic Thematic Group for Green, Innovative and Resilient Regions (TGC). This space is designed to establish bridges between the thematic group work and other researchers and other actors in policy and practice fields, as well as to provide input to the ongoing regional development studies.

In the upcoming years, TGC aims at producing new knowledge on green, innovative, and resilient regions in the Nordic context and contribute with Nordic added value. It also intends to function as a hub for knowledge exchange for Nordic senior-level officials from the national level, regional level, and cross-border regions. This becomes particularly important today when we are pointing towards a ‘Green Transition’ and post-Covid-19 recovery.

In the series of open and targeted events organised within the Arena, participants will be encouraged to reflect on the implications that the themes at stake have on regional development and planning. Particular attention will be placed on identifying the nuances that should be considered when thinking of different regional typologies (urban, rural, border, island, etc). This effort will also contribute to deliver better grounded policy recommendations deriving from the thematic group’s work.

On the Arena:

  1. How will the climate crisis and post-Covid situation influence the way we travel?
    Guest speakers:
    Jonas Eliasson, Director of Swedish Transport Authority and Visiting Professor at Linköping University
    • Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line
    • Anna Engblom, Senior Advisor Infrastructure and Green Charter at Greater Copenhagen

  2. Regional Leadership – Who should lead the Green Transition?
    Guest speakers:
    Markku Sotarauta, a professor of regional development studies in the Faculty of Management and Business at Tampere University, Finland.
    Bjarne Jensen, an urban strategist at the Strategic Urban Governance Programme; Danish Architecture Center (DAC).

  3. Remote work – What does it mean for people, places and planning?
    Guest speakers:
    • Paula Mikkola, representative of the cross-border committees and the Nordic thematic group for Green and Inclusive Rural Development
    • Louisa Vogiazides, Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Human Geography at the Stockholm University
    • Kati Pitkänen, PhD, docent, Senior researcher, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
    • Nanna Bay Sønderbæk, representative of the Danish Ministry of Interior and housing

  4. Who drives the ‘Green innovation’?
    Guest speakers:
    • Therese Kreisel, Head of Urban Planning, Skellefteå Municipality
    • Ida Andersson, Senior Lecturer at Örebro University