On November 22 Nordregio will participate in the kick-off of the ESPON BT2050 project in Warsaw.

The aim of ESPON BT2050 is to develop territorial scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region that can work as input to key policy questions of the BSR, including:
– What are the main processes, factors, obstacles, drivers (economic, social, spatial, environmental, technological, political etc.) that will shape spatial development and integration of the BSR by 2030 and 2050?
– What kind of synergies and conflicts exist between those factors (in particular from the perspective of the key policy processes and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region)?
– What are the long term trends and their territorial impact?
– Which are the possible black swan and wild card events that can break existing trends and syndromes of BSR spatial development and integration?
– Which territorial development and spatial integration scenarios can the BSR face by 2050?
– What are the policy implications of these scenarios?
– Shall the VASAB vision and long-term perspective be altered?

Nordregio is the lead partner in a consortium consisting of Spatial Foresight GmbH , Spiekermann & Wegener, Stadt- und Regionalforschung (S&W) and S. Leszczycki Institute Of Geography and Spatial Organization – Polish Academy Of Sciences (IGSO-PAS). The lead stakeholder is the Ministry of Economic Development in Poland.