Financial Regulation and Microeconomic Stability in the Nordics

Launch of the Nordic Economic Policy Review 2020

The next issue examines how robust the financial sector in the Nordics is today. How well designed are the financial regulations that have been imposed after the global financial crisis in 2008–09 and the subsequent euro crisis? Will the new bail-in rules work in a systemic crisis, or do we risk further costly bail-outs by governments? How does monetary policy influence household debt? Have macroprudential tools been well-calibrated? Answers to these questions are crucial for judging the risks that the current corona crisis might also trigger a new financial crisis.

The new issue will be presented at a webinar on the 16th of June at 10.30 (CEST). Please register no later than 16.00 (CEST) on the 15th in order to receive a link to the webinar.


10.30 Introduction by Lars Calmfors, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm University and chief editor of the Nordic Economic Policy Review
10.40 How stable is the Nordic financial sector? Jesper Rangvid, Copenhagen Business School
10.55 Bail-in: EU rules and their applicability in the Nordic context. Vesa Vihriälä, University of Helsinki
11.10 Monetary policy and household debt. Gisle James Natvik, Norwegian Business School
11.25-12.15 Panel discussion: Will the corona crisis also trigger a financial crisis? Karolina Ekholm (professor of economics, Stockholm University), Lars Heikensten (CEO, the Nobel Foundation), Kerstin Hessius (CEO, Third Swedish National Pension Fund) and Jesper Rangvid (professor of finance, Copenhagen Business School). Moderator: Peter Englund (professor emeritus, Stockholm School of Economics and Uppsala University).