Ruralities and Regions in Transition

The Division of Rural Development (SLU) in collaboration with Nordregio offers scholars the opportunity to meet, share and discuss important issues related to rural and regional development in Sweden. The conference will be held on 11–12 November at Runö Möten & Events outside Åkersberga.

The main speakers

  • Sally Shortall, Professor of Rural Economics at Newcastle University
  • Karen Refsgaard, Research Director at Nordregio
  • Lisanne Raderschall, Policy Analyst, Regional Development and Multi-level Governance Division, Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities at the OECD


  1. Sustainable rural areas: site development and rural ‘livelihoods’
  2. Entrepreneurship and social innovation in a rural context
  3. Demographic change and migration: policy and practice in shrinking geographies
  4. The role of natural resources in rural change processes
  5. Skills supply, employment and the labor market in rural contexts
  6. Local resilience in a time of global societal challenges
  7. Regional development policy

Find more about the conference here.