Webinar: How does second homes and seasonal tourism affect Nordic municipalities?

Welcome to a webinar built on the on-going research project “Urban-rural flows of seasonal tourists: Planning challenges and strategies”. In this project we investigate the impact of second homes and seasonal tourism in Nordic municipalities that has a large amount of second homes.

Which challenges does this bring, and which strategies do the municipalities use to cope with this large inflow of people who spend time in the municipalities as tourists or second home owners? To shed light on these questions we have conducted case studies in five Nordic municipalities.

The webinar will take place Thursday the 12 September 2019 from 12-14 CEST.

What will you get from your participation?

  • Be presented to the latest research within the field
  • Get valuable experiences from Nordic municipalities
  • Have the possibility to give feedback to an ongoing research study and give your input
  • Possibility to get connected with people from across the Nordic region who work in municipalities and regions with the same difficulties and challenges


A webinar is an easy way to gather people who work within the same field and face similar challenges. All you need to have is a computer. Prior to the webinar we will send you the link to enter the platform and more detailed information about how to use the platform.

Register here!

Registration is open until the 9th of September.

The presentation from the webinar can be found here.