Seminar & Workshop: Regional resilience in the Bothnian Arc

The Bothnian Arc Committee together with Nordregio welcomes you to participate in a half-day seminar/workshop on regional economic and social resilience in the Bothnian Arc cross-border region. The event will take place in Tornio on 26 February.

The notion of resilience has become imperative in policy-makers’ vocabulary at all levels of governance. The policy attention given to resilience relates to the general sense of uncertainty and insecurity growing in many societies worldwide. In this context, key questions have emerged for analysis: how capable are local communities in coping with global challenges (or how resilient are they) and what kind of local responses are needed to address global and local challenges?

This interactive seminar will begin with a presentation of the results of a two-year study (2017-2018) on Nordic Regional Resilience commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Following the presentation on main results, speakers will touch on the state and opportunities of the Sweden-Finland cross-border cooperation, and the existing and potential threats to the region from multiple perspectives: i.e. economic, social, environmental and political.

After the presentations, a workshop will be organised in three parts to stimulate a discussion on:

I. what risks, threats and long-term challenges can be identified in the Bothnian Arc?
II. what are the drivers of resilience in the Bothnian Arc?
III. how can cross-border cooperation strengthen resilience in the Bothnian Arc?

Experts, policy-makers, practitioners and other relevant professionals from North Finland and Sweden are cordially invited to share their insights on this topic from their own perspective during the roundtable discussions. These discussions will provide valuable input to a follow-up study conducted by Nordregio and the Bothnian Arc Committee on cross-border regional economic resilience. The results will be published in a report in mid-2019.