Smart Planning for Healthy and Green Nordic Cities

Citizen engagement & participation bringing technology, people, and nature together

Join us for EU Green Week event on the 4th of June and find out how human wellbeing and access to green spaces are co-created and integrated into city planning, how investment in and by cities can jointly support multiple urban objectives to be liveable, equitable, resilient and contribute positively to regional and global sustainability.

In this event, Nordregio Senior Research Advisor Ryan Weber, Junior Research Fellow Diana N. Huynh and partners from Smarter Greener Cities as well as Aalto University will share ongoing work across the NORDGREEN and SMARTer Greener Cities projects funded by NordForsk. We will discuss what it means to engage citizens in systems-oriented approaches to green planning processes and the implications for multi-level governance across the Nordics and Europe more broadly.

The session also will bring forth experiences and perspectives from researchers, practitioners and city representatives working to leverage the potential to improve sustainable places, health and well-being for people and local communities.

Watch the recording of the webinar on Nordregio’s Youtube channel.