Finnish medical record service (Omakanta) users, as a share of total population, in 2018

The map shows the share of total population that use the online medical record service Omakanta in Finland.

These figures are of particular interest in the context of the urban-rural digital divide. The darkest green shade on the map indicates the highest share of users, while the darkest purple shade indicates the lowest share of users.  As can be seen in the map and the chart, there are urban-rural differences in the platform usage, since population in urban areas seems to have a higher usage. Another observation from the map is that many municipalities with a high share of population with Swedish as a mother tongue have the lowest Omakanta user ratio.

All Nordic countries have established national e-health portals through which citizens can access evidence-based health care information, receive advice in case of illness or health worries, and carry out certain actions related to health care. Even though the e-services available on these platforms vary between different Nordic countries, all platforms provide access to electronic health records.