Share of employment in tourism 2017

The map shows the share of employed people in tourism industry in 2017. On a national level the share of tourism is quite similar in the Nordic countries, except for Iceland where the share is more than double as high. In Iceland it is especially the sector “Accommodation and food service activities” that stands out. This category alone stood for 6.9% of the total employment in Iceland in 2017 .

On a regional level Åland stands out with 14.7% of employment in tourism. In Åland it is mainly the category “Sea passenger transport” that is big. Only this category stands for 9.8% of the employment. Also other islands such as Gotland and Bornholm have a high share of employment in tourism as well as the capital cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm. Jämtland attracts many tourists in the winter. The regions with the lowest share of tourism employment include the Finnish regions Keski-Pohjanmaa and Etelä-Pohjanmaa (both 2,7%); Københavns omegn (2.9%) and Vestjylland (3.4%) in Denmark; Blekinge (3.3%) and Kronoberg (3.3%) in Sweden and Østfold (3.5%) in Norway.

The data on employment by sector is classified using the NACE classification system (“nomenclature statistique des activités économiques dans la Communauté européenne”). To define which sectors that tourism comprise of, we have selected the Eurostat’s definition due to the fact that Eurostat has adapted the definition of UNWTO to a European context to make it more precise and to avoid overestimate certain economic activities (e.g. real estate activities). Their definition is also very close to the definition used by Tillväxtverket. Eurostat thus defines tourism as comprising the following economic activities :

H4910Passenger rail transport, interurban
H4932Taxi operation
H4939Other passenger land transport n.e.c.
H5010Sea and coastal passenger water transport
H5030Inland passenger water transport
H5110Passenger air transport
I5510Hotels and similar accommodation
I5520Holiday and other short-stay accommodation
I5530Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks
I5610Restaurants and mobile food service activities
I5630Beverage serving activities
N7710Renting and leasing of cars and trucks
N7721Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods
N7910Travel agency and tour operator activities
N7990Other reservation service and related activities

It is of course difficult to distinguish tourism from domestic activities, e.g., taxi activities will include both tourism and domestic users. At the same time tourism will have spill over effects on other economic activities.