Public-Private-People Partnership in urban planning

This Working Paper Public–Private–People Partnerships in Urban Planning is one of the deliverables of the Baltic Urban Lab project (Central Baltic INTERREG), and it discusses the potentials and challenges in Public–private–people partnerships and presents examples of methods for partnership and participation.

This Working Paper aims to provide a theoretical background for all Baltic Urban Lab partners and other cities to improve their understanding of the concept of public–private–people partnerships (4Ps), as well as to give inspiration for cities when they develop and test 4P approaches in their brownfield regeneration processes. The Working Paper consists of theoretical discussion focusing on the potentials and challenges of 4P approaches based on a research review, as well as on practical examples of how cities can involve various actors in their planning processes.

This Working Paper is one of the first steps of the Baltic Urban Lab project and it will be followed by practical city pilots in 2016–2018. During the project period, Nordregio will observe and analyse the pilot actions from the perspective of the main questions that arose in this Working Paper related to, for example, what can be done to successfully involve private actors and residents in planning processes, what are the challenges, and what can be gained from successful 4P approaches. A final report on the lessons learned from the project will be available in 2018.