Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

How Renewable Energy and Clean Tech can contribute to the Europe 2020 Strategy. Main messages from the Mid Sweden Conference 14 – 15 June 2011.

The County Administrative Boards and County Councils of Jämtland and Västernorrland in Sweden organized the second Regional Development Conference aimed at addressing the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy in the context of renewable energy and clean technologies. The conference was held in Östersund on the 14th and 15th of June, 2011; with participants from different levels of governmental units, public and private sector, academia and NGOs in Europe as well as Canada.

Main messages from the conference emphasized synergies between the clean technologies and renewable energy sectors that will help regional development strategies promote the EU 2020 strategy; ‘Smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe’. To reach the ambitious objectives set in the EU 2020 strategy, it is essential to have a bottom up approach while the objectives, strategies and measures need to be deeply rooted in strong communication among the local, regional and national levels. The role of regional and local authorities in this regard, is imperative to make use of the regional and local conditions and to establish innovative methods for integrating and utilizing local strengths and possibilities.