Female Arctic: Empowering young women in the industrialized Russian North (FEMARC)

This project has been halted based on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ decision to discontinue collaboration with Russia and Belarus, announced on the 4th of May.

FEMARC aims to empower women in the industrialized Russian Arctic through discussions of gender inequalities and art/cultural exchange. The industrialized cities in the region rely more on male workers than females, entailing a masculine culture, making young women especially vulnerable.

The specialization in the economy (mining industries) has led to women living in the area experience difficulties getting recognition and lack of employment opportunities. This situation has resulted in a high female outflow, and the gender asymmetry is rarely problematized, not even by the creative youth.

The project will encourage the development of feminist art by providing knowledge and skills to the participants. Cultural exchange with Sweden will help to create a broader perspective, new contacts, and a network of mutual support.