Re-start competence mobility in the Nordic Region

This project aims to explore labour market mobility and the possibility of re-starting and enhancing it in the Nordic region. The core research question is in which regions and sectors we find the largest cross-border labour market mobility.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision for the Nordic Region is to become the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. The vision indicates substantial flows of people, goods and knowledge across the Nordic borders. But during the past years, the pandemic has influenced cross-border mobility negatively.

The research questions in the project are:

  1. Where in the Nordic Region we find the largest cross-border competence mobility? In which regions? In which sectors?
  2. What are the drivers for competence mobility in the Nordic region? 
  3. What are the obstacles and counterforces (previously known and recently learnt) for competence mobility in the Nordic region? 
  4. What is the Nordic learning and how can Nordic competence mobility be re-started? 

Quantitative and qualitative methods, including case studies in different regions, will be used in the project. The project involves a reference group with informants and stakeholders from Info Norden and cross-border regions.