Regional collaboration on service provision and social innovation

The main objective of this project is to identify and analyse good practices that serve as examples for learning and finding tools, methods and approaches to improve service provision.

Implemented under the Nordic Thematic Group for Sustainable Rural Development, the project will focus on new and innovative forms of service supply.

Case study examples will shed a light on how different services are co-created through different types of inter-municipal, inter-regional and cross-border collaborations, including the involvement of non-governmental organizations / non-profit organizations.

The geographical focus is on rural areas in different parts of the Nordic Region.

Types of services covered

  • Education: Den Forberedende Grunduddannelsse (DK) & Bergö (FI)
  • Health: Vältel (NO-SE) & Bergö (FI)
  • Transportation: HentMeg (NO)
  • Elderly Care: Bergö (FI)
  • Infrastructure Internet: #Fulltäckning (SE)
  • Infrastructure Road / Tunnels: Tunnel in Isafjördur (IS)

Types of collaboration / levels of governance involved

  • Micro-Level: Bergö (Fi)
  • Inter-municipal collaboration: Den Forberedende Grunduddannelsse (Dk), #Fulltäckning (Se), Tunnel in Isafjördur (Is), Hentmeg (No)
  • Cross-border collaboration: Vältel (NO-SE)

The project is currently under development and based on close cooperation between Nordregio and the members of the Nordic Thematic Group for Sustainable Rural Development. The results of the study are expected to be presented to the Nordic Thematic Group and at the Nordregio Forum in November 2020.

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The project is a part of the Nordic Thematic Group for Sustainable Rural Development.