The REVIVAL project aims at exploring new approaches to study local and regional development in mountainous and sparsely populated areas.

Using case study analysis, the project looks at two main concepts, namely Transitional Labour Market and Residential Economy. This investigation would contribute to better understand development potentials in the selected case studies in Georgia and Russia and possible ways to overcome territorial development challenges.

Transitional Labour Market (TLM) is a dynamic approach of the labour markets which is based on transitions between various statuses (employed, non-employed, inactive, etc.) rather than on stocks as support of supply and demand interaction. The TLM approach adds insightful perspectives since it includes individual transitions in the analysis of labour market that the traditional approaches of labour market are unable to capture. It is particularly relevant today due to growing mobility of workers, new forms of jobs emerging based on flexible contracts, etc.

Residential Economy (RE), is one of the four components of the local economy, focusing on the importance of redistribution mechanisms of wealth between territories. It corresponds to income entering the local area by population groups who do not have their economic activity in this area (e.g. out-commuters, pensioners and tourists).

Nordregio will lead this project and be responsible to transfer some of the knowledge from ESPON Bridges, where the two concepts of TLM and RE are currently under investigation, to the REVIVAL project partners by the ways of workshops. Nordregio will assist them in the analysis of the case studies and disseminate the findings.