Trend analysis for Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region

The project aims to investigate the fluctuations and variations of bioeconomy within the Baltic Sea region and pinpoint the most important and relevant macro trends for the area.

Nordregio will contribute to the project by updating the mapping of key indicators of Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region and North-West Russia. Furthermore, during the 2019 Nordregio Forum, a survey on the relevance of the identified trends and challenges in the Bioeconomy in the BSR region will be launched. In the survey, trend relevance will be assessed by respondents prioritizing the trends on three dimensions: 1) importance, 2) the ability of stakeholders to leverage or influence the trend, 3) consistency of the trend. The survey will be carried out with the participants at the Forum. In that way also stakeholders from Norway, Iceland and the West Atlantic will be tied to the project.

The results obtained through this project will serve as support for policy related dialogue amongst regional and national stakeholders of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Nordic Council of Ministers.