Languages in the Nordic region

Official, main, minority, and administrative languages in the Nordic region

Sámi languages and dialects

The map shows the traditional catchment areas of the various Sámi languages and the current language situation

Official languages of Finland

By 1 January 2015

Christoph Beidenhauser

Christoph was an intern at Nordregio between February and June 2023. Currently studying Nordic Urban Planning Studies (M.Sc.) at Roskilde University, Denmark, he is interested in sustainable transportation, but also in other topics surrounding urban...

From cycling to island hopping: Looking back on my internship at Nordregio

Working with Nordregio’s incredibly skilful and welcoming team, I could develop my own skills in research methodology and gain some valuable experiences in project management, that will no doubt be helpful wherever I end up in the future.

Autumn internship in GIS and migration

Nordregio is currently seeking an intern with an interest in GIS and migration in Nordic countries and Europe. The successful candidate will work with different research tasks in Nordic and European projects related to analysing and visualising...

Autumn internship in Maritime Spatial Planning

Nordregio is currently seeking an intern to support the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) project “eMSP NBSR”. The project is financed by the EU to promote MSP implementation and evaluation in member states. eMSP NBSR implements five communities...

Maria Bobrinskaya

GIS analyst specialised in urban and regional spatial and socio-economic development, digitalization of governance, and open data. Academic qualifications MsS in Geoscience (2013), The Royal Institute of technology (KTH) Stockholm, Sweden Specialist...