Agenda 2030 at the local level: What’s next?

– A knowledge-sharing event for Nordic municipalities and regions

Sustainable development is high on the agenda of the UN, country governments, businesses and numerous other actors. However, where a transformational 2030 Agenda is going to make a difference is at the local level, in the work of regions and municipalities all over the world.

We therefore invite you to join an event under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers to learn about how Nordic municipalities are working with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Get new inspiration and knowledge, meet potential partners and help send a strong message to our governments about what you need to further your work for a sustainable future.

Held at one of the most sustainable venues in the Nordics, this knowledge-sharing event will give you an opportunity to either start-up, fine-tune or evaluate your work with sustainable development, whether you represent a municipality, a regional authority, an NGO or another interested party.

Presentations from the event are available below. Remember to ask the relevant person if you wish to use any part from a presentation.

Plenary session





Glokala Sverige

How to implement




8.30 Registration

9.00 Introduction, Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

9.15 Keynote presentation: Global Goals for Local Priorities, Elin Slätmo, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

9.45 Keynote presentation: A territorial approach to SDGs, Stefano Marta, Coordinator, OECD

10.15 Fika and room change

10.45 Parallel sessions (presentations and workshop):

How to get started – with Line Vind from Gladsaxe municipality and Yasmine Dernelid from Åtvidaberg municipality

How to implement – with Katrin Larsson from Örebro municipality and Ragnhild Marie Hammer from Arendal municipality

How to follow up – with Arne Ingebrigtsen from Kristiansund municipality

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Parallel sessions (presentations and workshop):

Environment: The climate-neutral municipality – with Barbara Heinonen from the city of Mariehamn and Vesa Vanninen from Pirkkala municipality

Social issues: The inclusive municipality – with Lisa Berg from Fenomenalen, Region Gotland and Linda Gustafsson from Umeå municipality

Economy: The responsible municipality – with Malin Åberg Aas from UNA Sweden and Julie Juel Andersen from Sønderborg municipality

15.15 Fika and room change

15.45 Panel 1: Summing up parallel sessions: Messages for the Ministers

16.15 Panel 2: Agenda 2030 at the local level: Messages from the Experts

16.45 Conclusions and next steps

17.00 Reception