BioWiseTrans Final Conference: “People and Networks Matter – Enabling Sustainable Bioeconomy Transition”

Nordregio invites you to the final conference of BioWiseTrans project “People and networks matter – enabling sustainable bioeconomy transition”. The event will take place in Karlstad University on 27-28 March.

Transforming the current economy into a ‘new’ bioeconomy needs changed institutional frameworks at regional and national level, sensitive to and inclusive of place­based knowledge. The conference seeks to better understand the role of people and networks in this transition.

New innovative products and services continue to emerge, which will further increase the demand for biomass. This transition leads to both an increased demand for land­based biomass and its multiple uses. Important questions emerge: How to use the land? How can different interests be combined? One of the parallel workshops “Land-use conflicts, and management solutions to unlock the transition to a biobased economy” will address these questions. The workshop is organised by Nordregio’s Senior Research Fellow Elin Slätmo.

At the conference, industry, academia and public organisations will also discuss challenges and opportunities and the role of people and networks in the new bioeconomy era. Nordregio’s Research Director Karen Refsgaard and Senior Research Fellow Michael Kull, who also manage the BioWiseTrans project, will facilitate different discussions and collect input for policy recommendations.

Key-note speakers from practice and science fields include: Dr. Gabriel Henrique Lui, Coordinator of Forest Economy Dpt., Federal Ministry of Environment Brazil, and Prof. Pekka Leskinen, Head of Bioeconomy Programme, European Forest Institute; Thea Lyng Thomsen, development consultant at GreenLab Skive in Region Midtjylland, Denmark and Olav Wicken, professor at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at University of Oslo, Norway.

Conference fee: 2 300 SEK (exclusive VAT).


People and Networks Matter