New issue of Nordregio Magazine: Climate Policies in the Nordics – are we doing it right?

When talking about climate change, we usually look at it mainly from an environmental perspective. The 2019 edition of the Nordic Economic Policy Review just published by the Nordic Council of Ministers focuses on climate policy from the point of view of an economist.

It poses a series of questions such as: What are the prospects for effective global coordination of national climate policies? How does the EU Emissions Trading System affect the effectiveness of different national polices? How cost-effective are climate policies in the Nordic countries? And is it futile to hope that small countries like the Nordics can affect the global climate?

This issue of Nordregio Magazine focuses on two of these question in particular: do we get enough bang for the buck in terms of how we try to regulate the economy to prevent climate change and can the Nordics actually make a difference when it comes to a global problem like that?