Presentations from Nordregio Forum 2014

Nordic Bioeconomy and Regional Innovation
12-13 November 2014, Keflavik, Iceland

Wednesday 12 November – Bioeconomy

Key notes
Sustainable management of bio-resources
Dadi Mar Kristofersson, Dean of School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland

Local resources and economic independence of regions
Calum Davidson, Director of Energy and Low Carbon, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scotland

Territorial potentials for a green economy
Peter Mehlbye, Director of the ESPON Coordination Unit, Luxembourg

Green growth: A territorial approach
Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio & Anna Berlina, Research Assistant, Nordregio

Mapping the Bioeconomy
Bioeconomy and regional development
Jukka Teräs, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

Innovation in the Nordic and Arctic Bioeconomy
Sveinn Margeirsson, Director & Sigrun Elsa Smáradóttir, Research Group Leader, Matis, Iceland

Creating value from bioresources
Ida Rönnlund, Consultant at Gaia, for Nordic Innovation

Bioeconomy in practice
Processum Biorefinery in Örnsköldsvik
Clas Engström, Director, SP Processum Biorefinery Initiative

Promoting food innovation in South Iceland
Liisa Perjo, Research Fellow, Nordregio

Introduction to Nordbio examples: Wood biomass – Ecosystem resilience – Biofuels for the fishing industry
Danfríður Skarphéðinsdóttir, Head of Division, Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Oceans, Water and Climate

Pre-launch of the call for a Nordic research programme on bioeconomy
Gunnel Gustafsson, Director, Professor in Political Science, Nordforsk

Thursday 13 November – Regional development in the Arctic

Key notes
Regional development and innovation in a more diversified industrial future
Kaisu Annala, Strategic Director, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland

Large-scale projects – Nordic good practice and experiences
The urban transformation of Kiruna – How to move a town two miles east?
Göran Cars, Professor, Royal Institute of Technology and Kiruna Municipality

How can exploitation of mineral resources in South Greenland be achieved in a sustainable way?
Birger Lilja Kristoffersen, Chief Planner, Kujalleq Municipality

The entering of oil economy into Northern Norway – challenges and possibilities from a local perspective
Trond Nilsen, Senior Researcher, Northern Research Institute, Alta

Regional dynamics in non-metropolitan high-tech clusters – the examples of Oulu and Luleå
Håkan Ylinenpää, Professor, Luleå Technical University & Jukka Teräs, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

Demographic opportunities in the Arctic
Demographic challenges and opportunities in the Nordic Arctic Region
– Examples from the Nordic Demography Programme
Lisa Hörnström, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio

Youth mobility in the Arctic – Why do young men and women choose to stay or leave?
Anna Karlsdottir, Associate Professor, University of Iceland

Fly In Fly Out – Threats and opportunities seen from 30 years of research and practical experience
Keith Storey, Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland St John’s, Canada