Social innovation in local development: Lessons from the Nordic countries and Scotland

This publication reports on the outcomes of a project that explores the role of social innovation in local development in the Nordic countries and Scotland.

One aim of the project has been to develop a platform for investigating conceptual, empirical and policy developments in relation to social innovation with a focus on tackling societal problems in demographically vulnerable regions and municipalities across the Nordics. As part of the project, an online platform about Social Innovation in Local Development has been developed.

This report brings together the three main components from the web platform. To provide an understanding of the concept, the first part presents a review analysing the abundant literature on social innovation that specifically relates to rural and remote areas that are facing demographic challenges. The second part is a review of the policy context of the Nordic countries and Scotland and describes how social innovation sits within, and is modified by, national and local governance arrangements and policy. The third part provides a brief overview of the lessons learned from the 23 examples of social innovation in local development and the channels of financial and advisory support.