Accessibility of highly specialised care in Västerbotten

The map illustrates the accessibility of highly specialised care in Västerbotten in Sweden. The colours represent car ride times in minutes from the place of residency to the nearest health care facility within a certain service type, with a travel range of 10 minutes to two hours. The health care facilities are also located on the map.

The only hospital offering highly specialised in-patient care is located in Umeå, and half of the regional population (51.0%) can reach the hospital within a 40-minute car ride. For the inhabitants of Storuman, however it takes more than a two-hours car ride to access specialised care in the hospital. The accessibility of health care services for rural dwellers are improved by means of distance-spanning digital solutions. Instead of making the effort of physically visiting a health care facility, they can access video consultations with general practitioners via virtual health care rooms, and then decide whether a follow-up physical visit to the specialised hospital is needed.