Accessibility of in-patient care in Västerbotten

The map illustrates the accessibility of in-patient care in Västerbotten in Sweden. The colours represent car ride times in minutes from the place of residency to the nearest health care facility within a certain service type, with a travel range of 10 minutes to two hours. The health care facilities are also located on the map.

The accessibility of in-patient care shares similar characteristics to that of access to dropin out-patient care. The ten facilities mentioned above provide in-patient care, too. The only difference is that two facilities outside the region were included in the analysis. But they did not alter the overall picture, suggesting that inhabitants living along the border line tend not to cross the border to seek in-patient care. These hospitals are accessible to 56.3% of the population within a 10-minute car ride, and 97.1% of the population within a one-hour car drive.