Accessibility of in-patient care in Nordjylland

The map illustrates the accessibility of in-patient care in Nordjylland in Denmark. The colours represent car ride times in minutes from the place of residency to the nearest health care facility within a certain service type, with a travel range of 10 minutes to two hours. The health care facilities are also located on the map.

Accessibility of in-patient care in Nordjylland presents a similar picture to that of out-patient emergency care during non-office hours. Nine health care facilities in the region provide in-patient care services, and outside the region five provide such a service. More than half of the inhabitants (58.7%) can access such health care services within a 10-minute car ride, and a car ride of 40-minute covers 99.5% of the regional population who need such a service. Despite the facilities outside the region being geographically close to the regional border, inhabitants living along that border line tend not to cross it in order to seek inpatient care.