Accessibility of out-patient drop-in care in Västerbotten

The map illustrates the accessibility of out-patient drop-in care in Västerbotten in Sweden. The colours represent car ride times in minutes from the place of residency to the nearest health care facility within a certain service type, with a travel range of 10 minutes to two hours. The health care facilities are also located on the map.

Health care facilities offering out-patient drop-in care are characterised by even geographical distribution across Västerbotten. Each inland municipality has one such heath care facility, apart from Norsjö. All ten facilities offer drop-in care during both office hours and evenings and weekends (24/7). According to the results of our accessibility analysis, 56.% of the regional population can access drop-in out-patient care within a ten minute car ride. Within a half-hour car ride, the drop-in care service is available to 83.3% of inhabitants.