Nordregio at the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences

The Arctic is home to approximately four million people, counting numerous ethnicities among its inhabitants and more than ten percent of the total population living in there is Indigenous peoples. All aspects of human existence in the Arctic in the past, present and future are analyzed at the Congress (ICASS X).

Nordregio researchers, Timothy Heleniak, Anna Karlsdóttir and Leneisja Jungsberg, participated at the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences, offering presentations during different sessions on Science and Arctic communities in response to climate change, Indigenous people, population history of Alaska natives, coastal communities adapting to permafrost, inequalities in the Arctic.

“ICASS X provides an overview of state of the art in Arctic social science research. Congress connects researchers and allows us to learn and get inspired from each other’s work – in a five-day conference, and we virtually meet almost 1000 researchers. In the congress, participation of indigenous scholars and early career researchers is particularly supported”, says Leneisja Jungsberg, Research Fellow at Nordregio.

The Congress takes a deep dive into the history, future and sustainability of Arctic peoples and environment, throughout generations and co-production of knowledge with Indigenous knowledge holders and Arctic stakeholders. Social sciences and humanities have a great responsibility to address Arctic sustainability challenges. By focusing on people and the Arctic area, the conference highlights the many differences across the Arctic region regarding political systems, demography, infrastructures, histories, languages, legal systems, land and water resources, and public health.

You are welcome to contact the researchers to get the presentation material or if you have any feedback regarding the topics.