Evaluation Report 2018

Rural Development Program for Åland 2014-2020

The report has been developed in cooperation between Nordregio and Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB) on behalf of the Landscape Government in Åland. The objective of this annual evaluation is to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Åland Islands for the period 2014-2020.

The evaluation aims to provide valuable information to inform the planning and enactment of future policies for rural development. It will provide a basis for improved support for rural development activities within the current RDP and facilitate a common learning process. Åland RDP 2014-2020 aims to contribute to smart, sustainable economic development that focuses on productivity and environmental sustainability, ensuring Åland Islands is an attractive rural region that is home to profitable and viable rural companies and an active agricultural sector. The RDP for Åland has a total budget of 58.5 million Euro.