From Fields to Futures: 40 action points for rural revitalisation

The Nordic Rural Youth Panel has synthesized a report outlining 40 actionable recommendations for making rural areas in the Nordic region more attractive for young people. The recommendations address the ongoing trend of young people moving to cities, highlighting the need for better public transportation, various housing options, and education that connects to local job markets in rural areas. The panel wants to change the common view that success and a good life can only be found in cities, and highlight the potential and vibrancy of rural areas.

The report expands on several key areas:

  • Transportation: Young people in rural areas need easy and affordable access to public transit and various local travel options to support a fair transition to green transport.
  • Housing: There’s a need for affordable and diverse housing, ensuring young people have good options for renting and buying that meet their needs.
  • Education and employment: Young people need access to education at all levels in rural areas, with clear paths from education to local jobs, including options for remote work.
  • Health and recreation: There should be safe spaces for discussions about mental and physical health, as well as access to places for sports and other activities.
  • Community and social life: Funding is needed for public spaces and activities that bring people together, helping to create strong community ties.
  • Inclusion: Policies and discussions need to be accessible and relevant to young people, using their language and platforms to ensure they can actively participate and feel valued.

Developed with input from 25 young people across the whole Nordic region, the panel’s recommendations serve as a guide for creating appealing, dynamic, and sustainable rural communities, ensuring young people are at the centre of these efforts.