Demographic vulnerability for Swedish-Norwegian border municipalities

In order to emphasize the diversity and variety of Nordic regions and municipalities, Nordregio has been utilising the concept of “demographic vulnerabilities”, which is based on demographic data. This approach has been used since 2011 to analyse Nordic and Baltic municipalities and regions. In this project, it will be brought up to date, relying on statistical data from 2018, with a focus on the Swedish – Norwegian border.

The demographic vulnerabilities index is a summary of ten demographic components on municipal level in all Nordic countries, such as age structure, gender balance, population natural change and net migration. These indicators help identify municipalities that share common demographic dynamics and challenges.

The analysis for the “Demographic vulnerabilities for the Swedish – Norwegian border municipalities” project will be carried on at three levels:

  • The Nordic region in general
  • Sweden and Norway as countries
  • The Swedish – Norwegian border municipalities

In addition, the index will be combined with the supplementary statistics from the State of the Nordic Region 2018 with a focus on the border municipalities.

Visit the publication: Demografisk sårbarhet 2019

The map “Nordic demographic vulnerability index 2019”

The map shows the demographic vulnerability index in Nordic municipalities in 2019.