The 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting

The Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM), an international geography conference, is held every second year in different Nordic countries. This time, the event takes place at Stockholm University on 18-21 June.

Over 15 sessions are united under the theme “Geographies of inequalities” which encourages researchers to discuss spatial and social injustices on local and global levels. Nordregio joins the conversation by presenting latest research on Nordic Arctic studies, green growth, immigration and urban planning.

Meet Nordregio’s researchers:

Nordic light on the suburb – developing a research proposal (Moa Tunström, Senior Research Fellow)

Session N5: Nordic light on the suburb as place, discourse and planning project
19 June, 9:00-12:00, Room: Kungstenen, Aula Magna


Nordic Arctic sustainable development. Outcome of a foresight study in 12 Nordic towns (Anna Karlsdottir, Senior Research Fellow)

Session C9: Resilient or vulnerable? Towns in transition
20 June, 9:00-12:00, Room: Y20, House Y


Green transition – knowledge inequalities and perspectives of green growth in Nordic regions and municipalities (Gunnar Lindberg and Jukka Teräs, Senior Research Fellows)

Session E3:1 Knowledge inequalities in the transition to sustainability
20 June, 13.15-16.30, Room: U28, House U


Urban living labs – precursors of more inclusive and experimental ‘planning cultures’? (Lukas Smas, Senior Research Fellow)

Session N13 Urban living labs, between hype and inequalities: how to support sustainability transformations in an everyday geography of collaboration?
20 June, 15:15-17:00, Room: Y20, House Y


Detecting and visualizing the territorial inequalities across Europe over time (Timothy Heleniak, Senior Research Fellow, and Shinan Wang, Junior Cartographer/GIS Analyst)

Session B4:2 Territorial inequalities and territorial cohesion – European dimension
21 June, 10:15-12:00, Room: Y11, House Y


The Geography of Immigrant Diversity in the Nordic Region (Timothy Heleniak, Senior Research Fellow)

Unaccompanied minors to the Nordic Region: mapping of the current migration trends among unaccompanied minors seeking refuge in the Nordic countries (Gustaf Norlén, Cartographer/GIS Analyst and Linus Rispling, Senior Cartographer/GIS Analyst)

Session J6: The New Geography of Immigration and Integration in the Nordic Region

21 June, 10.15-12:00, Room: U11, House U


Mapping the impact of participation in Swedish urban planning (Moa Tunström, Senior Research Fellow)

Session N6:1 Promises of participatory and communicative planning. Nordic practices of and perspectives on participatory urban planning
21 June, 10.15-12:00, Room: U29, House U