Publications on digitalisation

The study explores what role digitalisation plays in the context of business development and growth in the marine sector in the Svinesund area; the different challenges and opportunities that surface in this context; and what role the Svinesund mega-region may play for the future of blue growth.

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This in-depth study explores digitalisation in Nordic regions by studying how local and regional authorities are implementing national and regional digital strategies.

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This policy brief examines whether inclusive digitalization is an important instrument for promoting regional growth and development in struggling rural areas in the Baltic Sea region.The brief highlights the potential benefits that digitalization can bring and the challenges faced in implementing an effective digital agenda in rural areas.

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This policy brief summarizes the key activities and learnings of the BSR Stars S3 – Smart Specialisation through Cross-sectoral Bio-, Circular- and Digital Ecosystems project 2016-2019. The project focused on how to engage business and research actors in the implementation of smart specialisation.

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The project aims at analysing and comparing the digitalisation of planning data in Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. Find out more about the project.

Health care and care with distance-spanning technologies, e-health and digitalisation

The project Healthcare and Care with Distance-spanning Technologies (Vård och omsorg på distans, or VOPD) aims at supporting the development of distance spanning digital solutions in health care and care in the Nordic Region. Find out more about the project.

Linking innovation and resilience: Synergy effects for regional development

This project aims to find commonalities and synergy effects of the in-depth studies on regional economic and social resilience, smart specialisation, digitalisation, as well as the so-called “skills project”, all part of the activities under the ongoing Nordic Cooperation Programme for Regional Development. Find out more about the project.

Digitalisation in rural and sparsely populated areas – joint Nordic-Baltic learning

The Nordic‐Baltic Region is at the forefront of digitalisation in Europe. Despite overall positive development, the impact of digitalisation on economy and society is unequal; with rural and sparsely populated areas often lagging behind with respect to the availability of digital infrastructure and the adoption of digital technologies.

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