The median age of the population is rising across the Nordic countries as in most parts of Europe. At the same time, an influx of immigrants and refugees is change the population patterns in most countries. Nordregio has built up extensive knowledge on migration as well as social cohesion and community engagement.

In close collaboration with the Nordic Integration Program (, numerous quantitative reports, case studies, and policy briefs have been produced, shared and discussed with Nordic officials working with social and economic integration of refugees and migrants (especially women and youth) at national and local levels. Nordregio’s knowledge in harmonising data, to make indicators comparable across national borders and over time, can assist local, regional and national authorities to make informed decisions about migration and integration of individuals from EU and non-EU countries. Correct and contemporary data offer a possibility to compare with and learn from the situation in other parts of the Nordic Region and allow for a balanced perspective on migration. Furthermore, Nordregio has in-depth knowledge and expertise in policy analysis concerning housing policy, area-based initiatives, segregation, and the role of civil society for successful integration.