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Internal net migration by age group in the Northern sparsely populated areas 2018

This map shows the internal net migration rate in 2018 (left map) and net migration by age group (right map) in local labour market areas of the Northern sparsely populated areas in 2018 The map on left shows the internal net migration rate in the...

Remaining life expectancy at the age of 65

This map shows the remaining life expectancy for males aged 65 and the difference in remaining years for females compared to males. Remaining life expectancy is calculated on the number of deaths per age. Smaller population means lower conficence...

Change in working age population 2019-2040

This map shows the projected working age population change at municipal level during the period 2019-2040 While the total population of the Nordic Region is projected to grow by 8% to 29.5 million by 2040, the growth of the working-age population...

Total population change by main component 2010-2018

This map shows total population change by main component at the municipal and regional level in 2010-2018. The two components of population change are natural change and net migration. As the map shows, all regions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden...

General fertility rate 2016-2018 average

This map shows the general fertility rate at municipality level for the time period 2016-2018 The general fertility rate measures the ratio of the number of live births to the number of women who are in their childbearing years during a given year....

Nordic greenhouse gas emissions by region 2017 and 2013-2017 change

These maps show greenhouse gas emissions per capita in 2017 (left) and per capita change between 2013 and 2017 (right) Emissions have seen significant reductions in areas where heat and power have traditionally been fossil fuel dependent. This...

Largest minority group by municipality 2018

This map shows the largest minority group by country of birth at the municipal level in 2018. The figure shows the largest minority group in each of the municipalities and the proportion of the total municipal population made up by that group. For...

Nordregio’s Regional Potential Index 2019

This map shows the regional potential index in the Nordic Region in 2019. The ranking process aims to highlight the socioeconomic state of the Nordic regions. Nordregio’s Regional Potential Index is constructed around a series of key socioeconomic...