Nordic Economic Policy Review (NEPR)

Nordic Economic Policy Review aims to produce policy relevant research within the field of economics.

The first edition of the Nordic Economic Policy Review was launched in 2009 by the Nordic Ministers of Finance. The review strives to make the latest economic research accessible to decision-makers as well as to a broader audience and to contribute to Nordic knowledge exchange on economic policy issues and challenges. The review is produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordregio. NEPR is run by a steering group comprising representatives of the Nordic Ministries of Finance and the academic project manager, Harry Flam, Professor Emeritus at Stockholm University, and Nordregio. One edition of the journal is published each year on a theme determined by the Steering Group, Nordregio and the academic project manager. A launch event is also held each year in order to create a policy-oriented discussion about the current topics.

The 2021 edition looks into Nordic Housing Markets and Policies. Housing expenditure is by far the largest expenditure in a typical Nordic household, and housing plays a central role in social welfare. Recent decades have seen dramatic developments and changes in Nordic housing markets with rapid increases in building costs, price bubbles, lack of affordable and social housing, and deregulations of the rental markets.

The 2021 issue of the Nordic Economic Policy Review deals with these issues, based on academic research by prominent Nordic researchers. On October 20th and 21st, the first drafts will be presented and commented by professionals from both academia and the public sector.

Previous reviews can be found in NordPub/DiVA for free.

Nordregio acts as project coordinator and communications manager.