Evaluation of Åland “Entrepreneurship and Competence” Programme 2014-2020

The aim is to improve the quality of the Åland’s “Entrepreneurship and Competence” programme implementation and to assess its effectiveness and impact. The assignment is done in close cooperation with the programme’s administrative authority (The Government of Åland).

The European Commission approved the programme “Entrepreneurship and competence” for Åland Islands on Dec 17, 2014. The programme focuses on two major themes: “Entrepreneurship and innovation” (ERDF) and “Inclusivity and competence” (ESF). The programme aims to develop know-how and enhance competences within work life, increase employment, productivity, and innovation capacity, renew and diversify the business life in Åland, and contribute to well educated, equal and actively inclusive society. The Structural Funds programme has a total budget of 9 991 000 euro, of which 2 322 538 euro comes from ERDF and 2 672 962 euro from ESF. An additional 4 995 500 euro will be covered by national co-funding. The private sector contribution is estimated at slightly above 2 million euros.

The aim of the Programme evaluation is to improve the quality of implementation and to judge the effectivity and impact. The evaluation analyses how the programme activities and implementation, including development projects and company-related projects, meet the expectations of the specific investment priorities and specific goals. The evaluation will be made in relation to the overall goals of the EU 2020 strategy with measurable goals regarding, for example, R&D investments, employment and training goals, and increasing inclusivity. The evaluation will also provide valuable information to inform the planning and implementation of the next programme period and for the ex post evaluation that the Commission implements in cooperation with the member states.