Evaluation of Åland Rural Programme 2014-2020

The project aims to contribute to the better targeted support for rural development of Åland within the framework of the programme and to support a common learning process regarding to the monitoring and evaluation.

The objective of the evaluation is to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Åland Islands for the period 2014-2020. The Programme aims to contribute to smart, sustainable economic development that focuses on productivity and environmental sustainability, ensuring Åland Islands is an attractive rural region that is home to profitable and viable rural companies, an active agricultural industry. The project is runned in close cooperation with the programme’s administrative authority (The Government of Åland). The RDP for Åland Islands has a total budget of 58.5 million EUR, of which the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) co-funding is 20.7 million euros.

Final report

The in-depth report can now be found online. Follow the link for more information and the report (in Swedish)

Ålands Utvärderarnas fördjupade årsrapport för 2018 (published 2019)

Utvärderarnas rapport 2018. Landsbygdsutvecklingsprogrammet för landskapet Åland för 2014-2020 (published 2018)

Utvärderarnas fördjupade årsrapport för 2016 (published 2017)