TeMoRI – Territorial Monitoring update and Regional potential Index for the Baltic Sea Region

This project will update and adjust the ESPON BSR-TeMo monitoring system to provide input and material for following and evaluating the territorial developments in the Baltic Sea Region in relation to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

The project and its material shall serve as input for a strategy and vision project which will provide a platform for discussions at the 7th Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR taking place in Stockholm in November 2016. Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) is one of the organisers of the conference and also the initiators of this project. The territorial monitoring update is done in close collaboration with Jacek Zaucha, Tomas Hanell (Eurofutures Finland) and Carsten Schürmann (RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation) and builds on the ESPON BSR-TeMo concept.

As part of this work, Nordregio will also update and expand (geographically to the entire BSR region) the Nordregio RPI (regional potential index). Both aspects of the project will also be discussed at parallel sessions at the strategy forum in November. The outcome of the project will be updated indicator systems, new and updated maps about territorial trends in the BSR region, a report, and material for the conference (strategy forum).

More on the topic:

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Download and read the leaflet “BSR-RPI brochure


Regional Potential Index (RPI)

BSR-RPI 2015
BSR-RPI 2015 – Demographic Potential
BSR-RPI 2015 – Labour Force Potential
BSR-RPI 2015 – Economic Potential

Territorial monitoring (TeMo)

Save the Sea

Air pollution: PM10
Euthrophication in the Baltic Sea 2003-2007 and 2007-2011
Euthrophication in the Baltic Sea 2003-2007
Euthrophication in the Baltic Sea 2007-2011
Shipping routes and OPS ports

Connect the Region

Accessibility potential by road in 2014
Accessibility potential by rail in 2014
Accessibility potential by air in 2014
Accessibility potential by road, rail, and air in 2014
Accessibility potential by road, rail, and air change 2001-2014
Population potential in 2016
Population potential relative change (%)
Urban connectivity by road, rail, and air in 2011
Functional areas on grid level 2014
Functional areas on NUTS-3 level 2014
Functional areas 2014
Travel time to nearest hospital on LAU-2 level in 2012
Daily accessibility of jobs by car on LAU-2 level in 2012
Households with broadband access in 2015

Increase prosperity

GDP (PPP) per person employed in 2014
Net migration
Population with tertiary education in 2015
Life expectancy at birth in years in 2014
Self-assessed general health status in 2014
Total population change
Research & Development intensity in 2014 (Europe)
Tertiary education among working-age population, change 2010-2015
Unemployment rate in 2015 (Europe)
Youth unemployment rate in 2015 (Europe)
Net migration change 2009-2014 (Europe)
Average female ratio of ages 25-39 in 2014-2015 (Europe)