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Green growth and spatial planning in the Nordic city regions

Nordic cooperation on green growth is important if we are to improve common infrastructure for coping with shared economic and climate challenges, and we are to move research and innovation forward in order to create a more environmentally friendly...

Local and regional approaches to demographic change

As a follow-up to the Handbook on Demographic Challenges in the Nordic countries, the Nordregio Working Paper Local and Regional Approaches to Demographic Change looks closer at examples of how to meet demographic challenges at local and regional...

The Use of Integrated Urban Models in the Nordic Countries

This working paper presents the results of a survey on the use of Integrated Urban Models in the Nordic countries carried out by Nordregio’s researchers (with preparatory support from WSP Analysis and Strategy). It reveals that the use of...

Nordregio News Issue 4 2014: Bioeconomy and Regional Economic Development

In this issue of Nordregio News, we look at the current situation regarding the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries.

Bioeconomy in the Nordic region: Regional case studies

This Working Paper by Nordregio presents the results of five case studies on bioeconomy in Nordic regions. It contributes to the discussion on bioeconomy in the Nordic countries by focusing on its implications for regional development and policy....

Sustainable Regions – Sustainable Local Communities

A comparison of experience in dealing with ongoing changes in resource-based regions and communities in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions of the Nordic countries and Canada. The Arctic and Subarctic regions which historically have been heavily...

Nordregio News Issue 3 2014: Poverty and Social Exclusion

In this issue of Nordregio News, we explore the issues of poverty and social exclusion in an urban European context, consider how these issues are dealt with in a suburban municipality in the Stockholm Region and learn about a distinct approach to...

Utvärderarnas rapport 2013 Landsbygdsutvecklingsprogram för landskapet Åland perioden 2007 – 2013

Rapporten är framtagen i samarbete mellan Nordregio och Ålands statistik- och utredningskontor (ÅSUB) på uppdrag av Landskapsregeringen på Åland. Syftet med rapporten är att fungera som stöd och underlag för de programansvariga för det...